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I am attempting to create a user generated content site focused on books under the subject of art. The target community of the site would be for people who are interested in reading art books, studying a art subject, artists or art historians.
The type of site this will be is a normalised many to many relationship.
The site will offer a rating and review system, descriptions and photos of the books including ISBN, title, author, year published and tags/keywords.

Each user can become a member by signing up and creating a profile. The profile could be used to discuss books they have read. Additionally in the profile section will be their bookshelf, where the books they have interacted with will be listed. The bookshelf will have a section for the user to state wether they own the book or rented/borrowed the book and if they have a digital or physical copy. If they own the book physically, there shall be a area to state if the book is lent to anyone so they can keep track of their books. In this book shelf area, will be another area like a description for notes about what they think the book is good for, what they may have used it for, and for any nostalgic notes about the book to make it more personal. They can choose to make this public or stay private to their bookshelf. If they choose to make this public, it will appear like a comment on the books detail page.

If a book is not on the site and the user would like to put it on, the system for this would be for them to add the book filling in each section needed in text boxes on an add book page, and then to submit it for entry, this will be done by a online form, this will also be available for if information on a book is wrong or needs updating. The submission will go to someone monitoring and updating the content on the site for checking and adding. This system will reduce vandalism.

The books will be searchable via their titles, ISBN, author, and tags/keywords. The tags/keywords should include artists, art theories, art historians, art movements, if they feature in the book. This will be made clear to the user by a label next to the entry field. This search system should help people find books relevant to their interests, studies or recommended to them.

Another feature will be to have a drop-down list of countries, on the details page of the book, where the user chooses their country, this will take them to the amazon’s book page of the chosen country.

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